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Changsha Area of Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone Strives to Write the Answer Sheet of the Times

Time:2022-03-30 Source:Changsha Evening News

Deeply ploughing innovative experimental fields and building new highlands

——The Changsha area of Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone strives to write the answer sheet of the times

"From January to February this year, 14 new projects have been introduced, with a total investment of 18.09 billion yuan!" Since the beginning of this year, the Changsha Area of Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Changsha Area") has ushered in a "good start" in attracting investment.

Be bold, try boldly, and change yourself! Since its listing in September 2020, the Changsha area has continued to promote institutional innovation, free trade dividends have been continuously released, and the opening to the outside world is accelerating, becoming the "leading goose" of the province's reform and opening up.

"Install a power engine for the province's high-quality development!" On March 17, Zhang Qingwei, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, put forward higher requirements for the construction of the Changsha area during his investigation in Changsha.

The journey is long, only struggle. Changsha will make persistent efforts, pioneer and innovate, deeply implement the strategy of strengthening the provincial capital, make new contributions to serve the national strategy and build a modernized new Hunan, and deliver an excellent answer sheet for the times!

14 institutional innovation achievements are the first in the country

On March 18, in the 12,000-square-meter hall of Changsha International Mail Exchange Bureau, outbound international mail parcels were placed on the intelligent sorting line for customs scanning and inspection.

In addition to handling international mail, it can also handle international express mail and export cross-border e-commerce parcels.

"To create a new model of intensive development of international mail, international express and cross-border e-commerce business", this is the first national-level institutional innovation case in Changsha area.

From only handling the entry and exit customs clearance of mail, to building a sorting line compatible with three different business types of “Post Express Crossing” and realizing the same supervision, the average daily processing capacity of Changsha International Mail Exchange Bureau has soared from a maximum of 50,000 to 300,000 The average clearance time is reduced by nearly 50%.

"In the past, because of different types of goods, companies had to go to several places to handle business." Guo Jing, general manager of Hunan Feishi E-Commerce Co., Ltd., deeply felt the convenience brought by the new customs clearance model. Guo Jing introduced that the company sells domestic specialty foods and daily necessities to Japan. Before, it took several days for the goods to arrive. After the intensive customs clearance mode is activated, it can arrive in Japan the next day, saving one-tenth of the operating cost.

With the help of the new model of "Express Crossing", the cross-border e-commerce industry in the Linkong block of Changsha area has accelerated, and the cross-border e-commerce trade volume has increased from 384 million US dollars to 1.8 billion US dollars, becoming the "leading" of the province's cross-border e-commerce exports.

It is an important mission for the Changsha area to test the system for the country and seek development for the local area. Since its listing, Changsha has built the Changsha area with high standards and high quality with institutional innovation as its core.

Cooperate with Shanhe Intelligent and other companies to formulate product standards for second-hand construction machinery equipment, explore tax rebate rules, and build a global after-sales service system. This is the "standardized model for the export of second-hand construction machinery equipment";

The fresh seafood is mixed and packaged and shipped directly to Changsha, which effectively prevents the risk of epidemic importation, and reduces the procurement cost of enterprises by 4% to 7%. This is an "innovative model for import supervision of mixed specifications of fresh seafood".

Institutional innovation not only promotes the accelerated agglomeration of advantageous industries, but also helps to continuously optimize the business environment.

The reform of "Comprehensive Industry License and Registration" can be opened with only one trip to get a license; one-stop service for foreigners to work in China; the reform of "separation of licenses and licenses" is fully covered pilot; 45 free trade talent policies have been introduced, Attract 36,000 talents to settle down... For more than a year, the Changsha area has carried out systematic and integrated innovation. The implementation rate of 113 reform tasks has reached 93.81%, and 34 institutional innovation achievements have been formed, of which 14 are national firsts.

Opening up open channels to accelerate industrial agglomeration

The "magnetic field" of free trade formed by institutional innovation has attracted enterprises and projects to continuously land in the Changsha area.

From January to February 2022, the Changsha area will introduce 14 new projects with a total investment of 18.09 billion yuan, including 2 "Top 500 Three-Type" projects, covering new energy, auto parts, equipment manufacturing and other fields. The auto industry alone has attracted two leading auto companies this year.

The Southern Headquarters Project of Chaoliang Holding Group, Dongguan Jiali Semiconductor Project... One by one, the projects have been signed and implemented, making the industrial chains in the Changsha area increasingly "full".

Since the approval, the Changsha area has steadily promoted the development of export-oriented industries. Focusing on high-end equipment manufacturing, new-generation information technology, biomedicine, e-commerce, agricultural technology and other industries, 16 "three categories of top 500" projects, including GAC FCA, Audi's new models, and Eternal Asia, have settled in the Changsha area. The four major construction machinery enterprises of Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Railway Construction Heavy Industry and Shanhe Intelligent have entered the world's top 50, and the internationalization level of advanced manufacturing has been accelerated.

In 2021, 6,978 new enterprises will be established in the Changsha area, a year-on-year increase of 117.7%. A total of 95 industrial projects have been signed with a total investment of 191.405 billion yuan, playing an exemplary role in leading high-quality development.

Changsha faces the sea and embraces the world. The free trade zone is the bridgehead of Hunan's opening to the outside world, and the expansion of opening up is inseparable from the construction of channels.

On March 16, Hunan Province's first direct cargo route to South America (Changsha - Sao Paulo, Brazil) made its maiden flight. So far, Changsha's international aviation logistics channel has reached four continents (North America, Europe, Asia, South America) . Contrasting with the "addition" of the route, the total value of Changsha's imports and exports is also rising.

In 2021, the number of international cargo routes at Huanghua Airport will increase to 14, and the cargo and mail throughput will reach 209,100 tons; the first Hunan free trade special train will be launched, and the China-Europe train (Changsha) will run 1,030 trains, an increase of 94.3%. The total import and export volume of Changsha area in the whole year was 94.894 billion yuan, an increase of 25.07%, accounting for 15.8% and 34.1% of the province and the city respectively.

New platform and new model stimulate new vitality of China-Africa cooperation

From January to February this year, Changsha's import and export to Africa was 2.47 billion yuan, an increase of 126.6%. The new high in the "Africa-Long" trade epidemic is the result of the pilot test of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation.

Among the 21 pilot free trade zones in the country, the Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone is the only pilot area for reform and innovation positioned as a pilot zone for in-depth economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa, and its core area is the Yuhua Block in Changsha.

The new platform and new model have stimulated new vitality in Changsha's trade with Africa.

At present, new platforms such as the African Non-Resource Products Trading Center and the China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Innovation Demonstration Park have been put into use, and 10 import and export industrial chains including coffee and luggage have gradually formed.

Changsha has not only built a good Internet of Things in Africa, but is also preparing to build a China-Africa economic and trade "digital network" in the air.

On March 11, the Provincial Department of Commerce signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 360 Digital Security Technology Group, a subsidiary of 360 Group, to jointly build a "China-Africa Economic and Trade Digital Intelligence Valley" in Yuhua Block, Changsha Area. After the completion of the Smart Valley, it will input big data on trade with Africa, output practical data, and realize digital management and application of economic and trade cooperation with Africa.

"The establishment of a China-Africa cross-border RMB center" is another major "first" system for Africa in the Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone. With the help of this center, Hunan has opened up the closed-loop circulation path of RMB in its economic and trade exchanges with Africa, effectively managed and controlled the exchange rate risk of China-Africa currencies, and facilitated the internationalization of RMB. By the end of 2021, the center has opened the business of spot foreign exchange settlement and sales in 6 African countries.

Ride the tide and come with a mission! The Changsha area of Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone focuses on the strategic positioning and mission of "three highlands and four missions", showing the responsibility of a strong provincial capital, and is making every effort to create a "test field" for institutional mechanisms, an "accelerator" for kinetic energy conversion, and a "new highland" for opening to the outside world!


Source: Changsha Evening News

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